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About Us

Margaret River Tempeh is a small local business located down South in Margaret River WA 6285.

We produce Retails, Blocks, Burgers/Strips and our authentic Vegan Tempeh Bolognese Sauce – which they have been deeply loved by our vegan and vegetarian clients.

Our pulses, grains, and seeds are properly and thoroughly washed, cooked, incoulated, and then slowly fermented for the next 24-48 hours.

We deliver our Tempeh products frozen because it will keep its original, natural and authentic taste as well as texture and fragrance. Once the Tempeh has been defrosted, keep it in the fridge in an airtight container.

As the Tempeh is a living product, we prepare by order to ensure its best quality and taste. We usually need 7 working days to process it unless it is on a regular monthly order basis.


Fast & Delicious



We do understand that not all of our customers live in Margaret River. We have listed our current available suppliers outside Margaret River so that you can still purchase our Tempeh products anywhere you are.

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Want to have a bite of our Tempeh? Are your friends/family coming over but you do not know where to eat? Check these cafés and restaurants out! They do some of their menus with our beloved Tempeh.

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Want to know what you can do with Tempeh? Is your passion cooking? Do you want to know any other Tempeh recipes? Get this “Tempeh: Food for the Future” book (Written by: Nirala Hunt) and get inspired.

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Tempeh Products



WA Lupin

WA Lupin & Seaweed

WA Lupin & Thai Red Rice

WA Lupin, Thai Red Rice & French Puy Lentils

Organic Chickpea

Organic Chickpea & Sunflower

Classic Organic Soy

Classic Organic Soy & Green Pea

Vegan Tempeh Bolognese Sauce (365ml)

We are also experimenting other kind of Tempeh and we are only limited to our imagination.

Tempeh can come in 4 different combination:

– 250g Retail Pack(s)
– 600-650g Restaurant Blocks
– Burgers Strips
– Tempeh Kripik/Chips (Only for private orders)

For more information about our Tempeh products, please contact us.

"If you are a health-conscious kind of person and you know it, then Tempeh is definitely your best friend!"